Elevate Inc. was established in 1990. Career Development is our foundation. Every product and service we offer supports our mission:  To unleash human potential so people thrive.

A Unique Focus on Your Brilliance

Whether you are just getting started thinking about a career, in a mid-life transition or approaching retirement, we believe that the career development process never ends. You naturally cycle from satisfaction to dissatisfaction, functioning at an optimum level or struggling with both internal and external factors that diminish motivation.

Our Elevations career assessment is the twenty-first century solution to the age old questions, “what do I want to do with my life?” Be assured, no “test” can tell you more than you know about yourself. Elevations stands alone as the most effective career discovery process that pulls the brilliance out of you.

The Elevations Career Assessment includes:
• A fun, easy to use online platform
• A report you can visit multiple times
• No bait and switch mini-versions, you get the total package
• Career-related values clarification
• Definition of your enjoyable skills
• Up-to-date and emerging job titles with web links for research
• A remarkably accurate personality profile that reveals where you fit in the world of work
• An interactive research section to guide you through decision-making to action planning.