Folsom Lake College

Elevations pegged my skills and revealed jobs that would be perfect for me. Soon after I completed Elevations I had two job interviews. I used what I learned from my assessment results to express my strengths. I was hired for both jobs, a hostess position and an internship. I wish I had known about this before now. I absolutely recommend it.

Sierra Perkins, Student, Folsom Lake College

testimonial elevations

Elevations was really informative. I learned about myself and got a clear direction. It was unbelievably accurate. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to get home and spend more time with it. I would definitely recommend Elevations to anyone seeking a future that truly fits who you are.

Students, Folsom Lake College – Morgan King(L) & Courtney Leander(R)

Vickie Smith

Previous assessments convinced me I would be most successful in ‘organizer careers’, so I have always marketed myself as an ‘organizer’.  Elevations is the first career exploration tool to ‘mirror’ my true ambitions, and career propensities.  At heart I have always been an ‘innovator’.  Thank you Helen, Elevations has provided me with the courage to be myself, and I am really loving my new career direction.

Vickie Smith, Organization Innovation Agent – and Ambassador for Elevations


If you are changing careers, want 100% more joy, or 100% less stress at work, Elevations is the #1 career assessment. The easy to use personality descriptions gives you instant confidence and clarity about the work you do. Elevations helps real people, in real jobs, get real results. I recommend Elevations to my audience, friends, and clients.

London Porter, Author Rockstar Your Job Interview


ELEVATIONS means so much to me. I have learned so much about my personality and what works and doesn’t work in my life. It has been wonderful, reaffirming experience filled with “Aha!” moments.

Allison Bailey, Career Changer


ELEVATIONS is a critical tool that I could not do without. My coaching is values-driven, and the ELEVATIONS assessment has helped me determine the DNA of my clients’ values and talents. ELEVATIONS is full of up-to-date information that is user friendly for both the job seeker and the employed person. Keep up the good work!

Randy Block, Executive Coach & Staffing Consultant


Elevations, it is not a typical career assessment. Elevations identified specific careers that match my values and skills. Further it defined action steps I could take to propel my job search in the right direction. I was able to move forward and create a more meaningful and successful career path.

Toni Morris, MA, Founder and Executive Director, Bridges For Humanity


The ELEVATIONS team developed and implemented a comprehensive career development program for us, including a customized talent development web site. Overall, I found all of their consulting work to be superior to any outside resource we have worked with over the years. It was always a pleasure working with Helen and her people on the challenges of career development and employee enrichment.

Mike DeBord, Administrator, Human Resources Agency, County of Sacramento


“Helen and Elevations helped improve my communication methods, self-awareness, and approach to working with others. She did so by defining people’s innate personalities/temperaments, and giving me the tools to determine how I operate in my natural state. The Elevations workshop was eye opening and the lessons learned will last a lifetime. This approach offers timeless insight to how people function, as opposed to other assessments, which can change for individuals over time.”

Emily Brown, Marketing Department Manager, Kimley-Horn and Associates


Hands-down, ELEVATIONS is the most fun, engaging assessment I’ve used. It’s easy to understand and creates lots of “aha” moments, so they continue to use it. Plus, the career decision-making grid alone is worth the price of admission! For counselors it offers tremendous flexibility for quick one-on-one or group sessions. Highly recommended.

Susan S. Cook, Career Counselor/Coach, Saint Mary's College, Moraga, CA