Instructions: Click the checkbox next to any items that are true of you. When you are through, click the “Interpret Score” button at the bottom.
Transition Evaluation
You are not engaged with your natural talents True
1. Have you been considering a job change for six months or more?
2. Do you find yourself “watching the clock” in the middle of the afternoon?
3. Is your job adversely affecting your physical or emotional health?
4. Are you visiting job search websites looking for new opportunities?
5. Do you feel your skills, abilities and experience are under utilized in your present job?
6. Do you sometimes think, “I know I am capable of doing more!” but you don’t know what else you could do?
7. Do you have difficulty getting excited about the future of your career?
8. Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night worrying about your job?
9. Do you envy other people who seem to like their job more than you do?
10. Do your bad days outnumber your good days on the job?
Need new opportunity, better industry and a better environment?
11. Has it been longer than three years since you received your last promotion of transfer?
12. Has your job been restructured and your responsibilities reduced?
13. Have you recently been passed over for a promotion or transfer you expected to get?
14. Are your responsibilities increasing while your compensation remains the same?
15. Have you “peaked” in terms of promotional opportunities?
16. Do you feel you are underpaid?
17. Do you think your employer is ripe for a takeover, merger or acquisition?
18. Does your boss ignore your suggestions?
19. Have promises made to you by your employer not been kept?
20. Are you concerned about the quality of your employer’s products or services?
21. Have you recently received a poor performance review?
22. Would your co-workers say you’re difficult to work with?
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What is Your Score?

Score Interpretation
6 or less “Yes” answers Stay where you are.  Remember, nothing’s perfect.
7-13 “Yes” answers You’re on the road to some kind of transition. You may wish to remain with your current employer, but seek a different position. Assessment may to helpful to set goals.
14 or more “Yes” answers You’ve already mentally divorced yourself from your job.  Your body will follow soon.  You are in a mid-career transition. complete an assessment and develop a job search campaign.