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Maybe you’re yearning for change. Or maybe you had to leave your previous job unexpectedly. Regardless of how you got here, you need a reliable way to rediscover your gifts and clarify your opportunities. The Elevations online career assessment will strategically inform your path to a new career.

Why Elevations?

It's difficult to determine what online career assessment offers you a complete solution. Many testing companies offer you a partial quiz and then ask you to pay more to get what you really need. Elevations is the most accurate, complete online career assessment developed by a Nationally Certified Career Counselor. Elevations include a values discovery process, a skill analysis, a career interest exploration and an extensive personality profile. Additionally, it guides you through the career research and action planning process. You will love the up-to-date careers and the ease of use. What are you waiting for? Find the career that will truly allow you to shine.

There are so many possibilities out in the world—and so many obstacles—it’s easy to feel paralyzed by indecision. Our Elevations online assessment can help you regroup and gain the focus you need to prioritize your next best step.

Ready to take the assessment? The assessment is just $35 per yearlong subscription—take the assessment, revisit your results, adjust your goals and dig into your career research as often as you like.

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Have questions about the Assessment, next steps, or what the best path is for you? Learn more about our assessment, or contact an Elevations-trained career coach for a consultation.