Why would I take this assessment?

• You are new in the job market and don’t like what you are doing.
• You are searching for a career path that you can grow with over time.
• You feel stuck in an unrewarding job that does not fully exercise your strengths.
• You’ve lost your job and need to find a new one.
• You need to get a very clear focus to sell yourself in this market.
• You are simply bored and you know there’s more to life, you just need to find it.
• You’ve retired or have sufficient financial resources. You need a platform for life planning to define what’s next.

What does the Elevations assessment include?

Elevations offers a complete package with values clarifications, skills analysis, career interests, your personality preference profile, career research resources, decision making tools, obstacles analysis and an action planning tool you can update as your transition evolves.

How long does Elevations take?

The assessment portion takes around 15–30 minutes. However the interactive report it produces is a valuable document for reference, setting goals and recording milestones. The report is available for one year.

Does Elevations require professional interpretation?

No, but a qualified professional will greatly enhance the value you receive from Elevations.

How much does Elevations cost?

Elevations costs $35 and includes an annual subscription providing you with unlimited visits and updates to your assessment selections and research profile.

How do I get started?

Visit our Store to purchase the Elevations Individuals in Career Transition version. It will be the first step in finding the next chapter in your life.