Making the Most of Online Applications


March 21, 2016

The days of walking into an establishment and asking to hand your resume to the hiring manager are fading fast. It’s become far more efficient and economical for employers to post job openings online. In turn, job seekers are flooding the internet with applications through a variety of listing services or even through direct emails to potential employers. We want to make sure you end up at the top of the digital stack every time. Here’s what we tell our clients:

• Using an address that is some combination or your first and last names is ideal, e.g., (Avoid generic/unprofessional handles such as “coolguy129” or “jobhunter4you”.)
• Post your resume without your home address or other sensitive contact information when submitting to a listing service. Use an e-mail address and phone number that exists for your job search only, to ensure your privacy is protected.
• If posting to a listing service, update the resume you post on a daily basis, even if you only change one word. Recruiters avoid resumes that are out of date and search regularly for the latest talent.
• Write a resume with a clear direction. Determine the specific industry and function you want to pursue and write a resume showing how your accomplishments match the market’s requirements. This may lead you to have a few different resumes for each different career direction you’re open to.
• Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect job candidate. Apply for jobs even if you do not meet every requirement/qualification. Let the recruiters decide if they want to interview you.
• When applying for a specific job, write a cover letter that lists the exact requirements of the position (spelled and listed exactly as it is in the job announcement) and then list your related capabilities. This will ensure that you capture every key word in your application and shoot to the top of the list.

Pro tip: The Internet is a powerful job hunting tool when combined with an effective networking plan. Find a balance between spending hours behind your computer and meeting people who might be able to assist you by getting involved in networking groups in your region and reaching out to your existing book of contacts.