You invest a lot in your employees—from great benefits, to competitive salaries, to assessments, workshops and training. Elevations helps you sustain an even bigger return on that investment by strategically integrating coaching into your employee engagement mix. Research shows how coaching multiplies the impact of assessments and training on organizational success:
• The Xerox Corporation found that the impact of using follow-up coaching after formal training gave a massive 87% increase in the effectiveness of training when compared to training alone.
• The International Personal Management Association supports this data. Their investigation showed that training improved the performance of their teams by 22%. When coaching was added to the training program, improvement in day-to-day work performance increased by 88%.
• A study conducted by the Gallup organization indicates that those companies that have implemented coaching programs are 50% more likely to have low turnover, have 56% higher customer loyalty and achieve 27% greater profitability.
Bottom line: As leaders and their teams more effectively live out the organization’s values, the level of engagement increases, turnover is reduced and their organization becomes a better place to work.

What difference can coaching make?

While actual results will naturally vary depending on individual choices and actions, here are some of the anticipated outcomes of business coaching:
Resistance to change during transition is reduced, and success sustained. Transition and new leader coaching help support and sustain leaders and employees as your organization moves from a conceptual understanding of employee engagement to actual implementation.
Learning is captured and shared across the organization. Performance coaching helps employees leverage the revitalized intention and fresh insight they receive into shared learning, strategy and actions that result in enhanced competency, skills reinforcement and capacity building.
Leaders become more effective in their roles. Executive coaching provides a savvy, objective, trusted advisor to confidentially assist the executive or manager as they process critical, bottom-line decisions. Leadership coaching specifically supports the growth of leaders.
Relationships are improved, people have more fun, and conflict is resolved. Teams and partnerships flourish as team coaching, focused behavioral coaching and relationship coaching help teams and partnerships integrate the insights they gain via Elevations assessments and workshops into the daily fray of business.
Core business priorities are reinforced and key business goals are achieved. Business coaching helps organizations energize their leaders and teams to address core business priorities such as functionality, leadership succession, revenue growth, profitability, valuation and brand strategy.
Our Elevations team stands ready to sustain your Elevations ROI by integrating our comprehensive range of specialized coaching/consulting expertise with our assessments, workshops and training.
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