Simply put, talent development provides systems, tools and programs that support employee development and retention at every level including top management, mid-level and entry-level. You will:
• Facilitate personal and professional growth.
• Address succession planning needs.
• Protect against the loss of institutional knowledge due to retirements or unwanted turnover.
• Create a developmental culture that attracts the best candidates, reducing your recruitment costs and strengthening your organization.
• Guide employees towards work that is fulfilling and that optimizes each employee’s potential.
• Support the concepts of partnership and empowerment.

What Does a Typical Program Include?

Program Development
• Create cutting edge, highly effective services and strategies to provide career assessment, career-related research, links to education and internal advancement resources for employees.
• Establish a brand and marketing strategy for the talent development program so the look, feel, and messaging drives consistent outcomes.
• Establish a program that is well communicated (as employees are flooded with information every day) and well utilized.
• Establish methods to evaluate usage and program effectiveness.
Career Development Website
• Create a career development website for employees highlighting career-related services and information such as workshops, career coaching and articles on career-related topics.
• Provide employees with the Elevations online career assessment offering a comprehensive talent profile including work-related values, motivated skills and a personality profile with developmental tips.
• Offer customization of the career information within the assessment to match your industry needs.
Train-the-Trainer Service
• Provide workshop and coaching models internal staff can use to deliver career planning workshops, administer and interpret assessment results and coach employees through an array of career management issues.
Direct Service Coaching and Training
• Deliver assessment interpretation, workshops and counseling for employees.
• Each talent development program is customized to meet the needs of your organization. It can be integrated into your leadership development program, training efforts or stand alone as a clear communication to your employees that they are valued.

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