What is Elevations for Organizations?

Elevations for Organizations is a program that increases employee engagement through assessment, training, coaching and follow-up.

I thought Elevations was just an assessment. Is there more?

Yes, Elevations is an assessment, which is an important component of each and every Elevations program. And when integrated into a program that includes training, coaching and follow-up, Elevations is also a methodology.

What does the Elevations for Organizations assessment do?

Elevations gives employees an opportunity to identify and prioritize their values and skills.
• The Elevations assessment then synthesizes the employee’s preferences into a detailed work style profile.
• The profile identifies the employee’s communication style, leadership style and team member functioning.
• Performance tips are offered which serve as a platform for developmental conversations.
We also have a version of Elevations for Organizations that includes career interests. You may request either version for your organization.

What is the design of the Elevations assessment?

The Elevations assessment is an online self-report form.
• The employee makes his or her selections using a drag and drop methodology.
• There are 80 items in the version without career interests and 200 items in the career version.
• It takes about 15 minutes on average for an employee to complete the assessment.
• Each item has a definition that can be viewed by hovering over a question mark on the item.
• When the employee completes the assessment his or her selections are saved. The employee can return and re-consider or revise their selections over time if they wish.

What feedback have you gotten about the strengths of the Elevations assessment in comparison to other, more traditional assessments?

Elevations is fun, easy to use, uncomplicated and amazingly accurate. It does not label the employee or feel like a “test”. It is strengths-based and zeros in on the employee’s intrinsic motivations.

How much does the Elevations assessment cost?

$35 per person. Site licenses are available for unlimited use, which is often more convenient and economical for large organizations with many employees. Pricing will vary.

Is the Elevations assessment report immediately available to the employee?

Yes, as soon as the employee completes sorting the items, the report is generated in a PDF format. The report can be viewed by entering the e-mail address and password established upon registration. Wondering what a sample Elevations for Organizations report looks like? Download one here.

Can the assessment be customized for my industry or organizational culture?

Yes, we can align items and update the instrument over time to stay current with your organization and industry as they evolve.

What kind of organization is best suited to the Elevations program?

We can design programs for any type of organization with employees in the private, public or non-profit sectors. For Elevations to be effective, the executive team must be strategically aligned and clearly committed to creating a high performing organizational culture.

How much does an Elevations for Organizations program cost?

Pricing varies depending on the group, the location and the scope of services requested. Programs are generally offered to groups of at least 15 to 20 employees, but accommodations can be made for smaller groups.

Why did I get an error message when I tried to take a second version of Elevations?

The system will only allow you to enter your e-mail address once. Please use another e-mail address as you explore additional versions.

What else can you help us with in addition to employee engagement?

We can design and deliver leadership development programs, team building programs, strategic planning, organizational development and keynote speakers for your annual conference. We are networked with the very best professionals in a wide range of disciplines so we can offer a total solution with a focus on your greatest asset, your employees.

What is the first step to take if I want an Elevations Program?

Please call our toll free number, 877-863-5382.