Quick Tips for Career Changers in an Employee Driven Market


December 20, 2015

Although these tips are targeted toward an employee driven market, these can be great advice for career changers at any time! Keep them in your back pocket if you’re in the process of, or considering, a career transition.

  • Know what you are good at and be ready to articulate it. 80% of available employment is never listed anywhere, so networking is the key to your future.
    • Consider short-term, practical training courses to focus your career in a new direction.
    • Partner with friends or colleagues who want to re-direct their career. Encourage each other on a weekly basis over lunch or a cocktail.

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    • Contact the employers you want to work for directly. Do not wait for an opening. Get to the decision-maker and make your case.
    • Plan for both short-term re-alignment as well as the longer-term dreams. Don’t wait for the fullblown talent shortage to get your act together. You want to be ahead of the curve and enjoy an optimum career—fully taking advantage of the changing market.
    • Start with an assessment. Learn more about the Elevations assessment here, and get started on a complete career planning process.