Wondering what major (or job!)
is right for you?

You are making an investment in your future by going to school. Knowing what career you are preparing for ensures that your education is focused and well utilized. But, it’s difficult to discover what career is best for you without some expert guidance. Elevations was developed by a Nationally Certified Career Counselor, not a testing company or job search website. This is the most complete, up-to-date career assessment platform on the Internet designed specifically for students ages 16 and older seeking a career direction.

What’s inside? The Elevations Assessment includes:

  • An interactive drag and drop sorting method to help you prioritize your values
  • Skill clarification with a focus on what you enjoy doing
  • Career options, career descriptions and a guide to online information about each career path
  • An uplifting personality profile that describes your communication strengths, your leadership postential and information about your ability to work on a team
  • A personalized, easy to update research and action planning guide

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