Elevations is a complete career discovery roadmap that guides people through self-assessment, career research, decision making, obstacles analysis and action planning.
But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other valuable resources out there. Or in here, for that matter. In this section you’ll find free supplemental materials that are useful for both seekers and guides.


Sample Elevations Report (PDF)
We invite to see what the results of an actual assessment looks like. Naturally, everyone’s is different, but these samples can give you an idea of the insights that await you.

Questions to Consider (PDF)

To make the most of Elevations assessment results, we offer this companion guide containing key questions for consideration (on your own or with a coach) in the context of your career desires and goals.

10 Biggest Job Hunting Mistakes (PDF)

This mini e-book by Elevations creator Helen Horyza highlights what NOT to do in your job search.

Career Guidance

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